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Goodbye to thinning eyelashes!

The reason we started Reverse Health was actually quite personal. 

Matt saw his mother struggling to find a diet that worked after countless unsuccessful tries and about to jump on the next diet trend…

And I (hi, it's Monika) observed clients experience symptoms such as bloating, stubborn pounds around the midline, increased stress and anxiety, sleep issues, mood swings and hot flashes, cravings, thinning hair and achy joints. 

So we decided to team up and give them simple tools that are based on nutrition science to jump out of dangerous yo-yo cycle diets, all whilst improving their mood, and energy levels.

Many of the ideas on the market were overly complex, and didn’t consider the rapidly changing physiology and the needs of a woman's body before, during, and after menopause.

We said NO to: 

  • A one-size-fits all meal plan
  • Calorie counting
  • Keto, zero carbs, or any other fad diet ideas

Instead, we say YES to:

  • A meal plan tailored to your specific preferences, goals and activity levels
  • A holistic program that focuses on easy-to-follow healthy habits
  • A community of incredibly supportive women in our Facebook group
  • A program that is thoroughly backed by science and real-life successes

As you get older and menopause nears, your body stops producing estrogen and collagen, which negatively impacts your metabolic rate and you end up with decrease in muscle mass, increase in fat tissue, leading to unexpected weight gain. 

In fact, a lot of our members are experiencing not just weight gain, but also feel their skin, hair and nails are losing youthfulness.

So when we learned about and tested Rumi Cosmetiques, we felt this instant connection and thought: We love their products. I bet our members do too!

That's why we teamed up with a brand sharing our mission to empower mature women, but with a focus on cosmetics and skincare. 

Rumi Cosmetiques creates cutting-edge products that are made with love and a deep understanding of their customers and their cosmetics-related needs before, during, or after menopause. 

All of their products are specifically designed by taking into consideration things like thinning eyelashes and eyebrows, hormonal imbalance, and skin sensitivity.

Their skincare formulas have been developed by highest-ranking professional cosmetic chemists, dermatologists, process engineers, and other specialists in the beauty industry. 

Our shared goal is to reach as many women as possible and deliver science-based solutions, that work and allow us to age gracefully, while also providing useful tools for women going through menopause. 

To celebrate our partnership, Rumi Cosmetiques has a very special offer for everyone in the Reverse Health community:

VolumeCare+ Mascara - 10% off for 1

VolumeCare+ Mascara - 20% off for 2

VolumeCare+ Mascara - 25% off for 3

Click HERE to find out more!

Do something nice for yourself today!

Monika, Co-Founder Reverse Health | Kate, Co-Founder Rumi Cosmetiques