Who we are, why we started and what we doWho we are, why we started and what we doWho we are, why we started and what we do

Who we are, why we started and what we do

Who we are, why we started and what we do

We realized that most health and nutrition apps these days are operated by complex algorithms and automated bots. At ReverseHealth we are a little different. We are a small team of real people, supported by some super intuitive tech of course, here to help make a difference and support positive change in the lives of all women from across the globe. 

Here is our story...

Who are we?

My name is Matt Jones, I am registered with the British Dietetic Association SENr and currently practice as Head of Nutrition at professional football club West Ham United in the English Premier League, as well as being co-founder of Reverse Health. I have held similar roles across my 10+ year career in nutrition within the Military and the University of Oregon. My passion for nutrition began when a series of knee injuries forced me to start reading about which foods to eat in order to heal my injury and slow my ever increasing waistline. I would consider myself a complete nutrition nerd, but with a professional philosophy of ‘simple, meaningful and with purpose’. I realize that nutrition can be daunting, complex, confusing and contradictory, although it need not be that way. Nutrition is actually really straightforward, some of the basic principles repeated consistently will allow you to achieve great things. That’s what I am here to share with you.

Hi, I'm Monika, a holistic women's health coach with a passion for helping women become the best versions of themselves. After 15 years in the corporate world, I've shifted my work to 1-to-1 health and mindset coaching for women going through transitional phases of their lives. Observing my clients going through menopause and seeing a clear lack of tools and knowledge to alleviate symptoms and support both physical and mental health, I knew I had to change something. Teaming up with Matt to start ReverseHealth has made our mission come true to help even more women.
With a health & life coaching certification, an MBA as well as yoga instructor and mindfulness training and many years of experience under my belt, I'm excited to empower you to embrace this chapter of your life and give you back the energy you deserve and thrive. 

Why did we start?

Myself and Monika had a combined goal of helping our mothers and clients regain their health, confidence, energy and vigor for life. We had watched on as they quite literally dedicated their lives to shape ours, yet now struggle with their own. We wanted to repay them for the love, dedication and support that they provided to us, by building something to support and give back to them. 

Honestly speaking though, the real reason for building Reverse Health was the moment my mum came and told him that she was going to start the keto diet because she had read about it in a popular magazine at the hairdressers a couple of days prior. Triggered like never before, I sat her down and began to explain why that was such a preposterous, unnecessary, overly complex move and then set about on a quest to deliver a program that would support her based on solid nutrition science, honesty, transparency and most importantly simplicity. 

We quickly came to the realization that many more women actually require that very support. We did some research and while the health and nutrition app industry is relatively crowded, no one was really out to support middle aged women, who have very unique and rapidly changing needs owing to the menopause and ever changing physiology. Hormonal imbalances impact metabolic rate and macronutrient partitioning, weight and fat gain, hot flashes, issues with sleep, joints, mood, energy and declining rates of collagen production resulting in wrinkles, insecurities and diminished confidence. A generic meal plan, exercise regime or calorie counter just doesn't cut it for this population.

What do we do?

Thanks to our combined knowledge and experience, and global network we were able to formulate a truly world-class lifestyle program based on the specific, unique needs of middle aged women to allow them to regain their health, lose weight and jump out of dangerous yo-yo cycle diets, improving their mood and energy, reduce symptoms of menopause that can be so debilitating and support their skin, gut and much more in the process. 

Our bespoke meal plans, delicious recipes, simple exercise programs, scientifically-supported supplement recommendations specific to the needs of women through the menopause, community support and online coaching course has been developed to inspire, educate and empower all middle aged women through this transformational period. 

No nonsense, simple and straightforward, scientifically supported and proven, developed by experts not algorithms, we may be biased but we honestly believe we have created the world's best, sustainable solution for all middle aged women. 

As we mentioned, we are real people, we make real mistakes. But that very human element helps us provide care, support and personal attention to each and every one of our valued community. Reverse Health is continuing to evolve, improve and grow with our users. The unstoppable movement for middle aged women.  

Start your journey with us now by completing the quiz in the link below: reverse.health