5 ways to stay on track while traveling5 ways to stay on track while traveling5 ways to stay on track while traveling

5 ways to stay on track while traveling

5 ways to stay on track while traveling

Vacation does not come around often. It’s a time of relaxation and enjoyment, an opportunity to spend valuable time with family and friends. But, vacation can also mean a setback on your weight loss journey. But thankfully, with a few tweaks and some common sense you can still progress on your weight loss journey while away on vacation. 

Try your best to stay on track with these 5 tips and tricks:

1) Pack smart: protein powder and other supplements, healthy & protein-rich snacks (unsalted nuts, fruit, hard-boiled eggs, jerky), as well as exercise clothes.

2) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Aim for at least 50% of your body weight in ounces or 2.5l per day. Choose water or herbal teas, try to avoid sweetened drinks.

3) Control quantity, consider quality. Keep your serving sizes in line with our guidelines. As a quick reminder, build foods (protein rich foods) should be around a hand sized serving, while fuel foods (carbohydrate rich foods) should be a fist sized serving and boost foods (fruit, vegetables and healthy fats) should make up the remaining space on your plate, creating a rainbow of color. So practically speaking that could be a nice piece of fish (build food) making up most of the plate, with some rice, pasta or potatoes (fuel food) making up a fist sized serving and then the remaining space can be made up of various vegetables or salads with some olive oil. Accompanied by water or sparkling water of course. 

Choose high-quality nutrient-dense foods, aiming for fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats. Avoid buffets if possible to avoid overeating.

3) Move. Walk. Do Yoga. Take the stairs. Stay active. All this will help to maintain metabolic rate and keep you burning calories. 

5) Stay calm. Know you can always get back on track when you get back home.

Most importantly, enjoy your vacation, you deserve it!

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